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Anderson Millwood by the-flailing-artist
Anderson Millwood

Name: Andrew Millwood

Breed: Herdwick ewe

Job: Star Chaser

Birthday and Age: March 3rd, 1996, 19 years old

Height and Weight: 5”6 Inches, 145 pounds

Personality: Friendly, positive, quirky, sensitive,

 hopeless romantic, stubborn, clingy,

clumsy, territorial, curious, smart, strong


    Anderson Millwood was born March 3rd, 1994 in the Lake District of Cumbria, North West of England, born a happy child. From the day he first took his steps, he wanted to explore the environment around him and more. When he was 3 years old, his mother taught him to read and write. Since then, Andie has read and read, reading any book he could get his hands on, including all the books in the house, twice. This is also how he developed his love for learning. With his writing skills, he has written many journals over the years, keeping track of events, dates, and times throughout. You could understand what exactly happened a certain day at a certain time if you read one of his passages. He wrote very detailed, and very long. He loved writing a lot.

    His mother taught him almost everything he knew that was not from a book. She taught him in the absence of Anderson’s father, who died from sickness when he was only 2 years old. He does not remember his father, but knows what he looks like due to photographs, kept in his mother's possession most of the time. He has memories of her crying when he was younger, but had no idea why at the time, but soon understood later. She moved on after a year or so, still remembering but putting her focus on Andie, helping him and supporting him the best she could.

    At an age of 7, his mother decided to take him on her trips from Cumbria to Contibon, seeing his love for travelling and exploring.  At the first trip, Andie was amazed at the new scenes and nature scattered along the path. From then, he read a lot about nature, and learned about many species of plants. Soon enough, he could tell you the name of every plant on the path. His favourite flower is the Rose.

    He finally met his best friend one day, travelling on the path with his mother one day at age 11. Andie met him when he came down the path with his parent. It turned out they were going this way since another path they go on was closed for construction.  His name was George, an opposite of Andie. He lived in Constibon, so they didn’t get to see each other all the time, but when they could, they would do everything together. They supported each other any way they could. Andie was grateful to have George, and wouldn’t ask for any other friend.

    As he grew older, he found a love for tea and music, and was thinking about travelling away, as of this age. He discovered his love for tea one day when his mother luckily found the Earl Grey Tea herbs one day when out on a trip. He tasted it, and love it. He had many differentiations of tea for his mother traded and picked the herbs, but out of all, he liked Earl Grey and Chai the best.

    He always listened to music as a child, but it was always classical music. He was introduced to Rock when George played a song on his new MP3 player he got for his birthday. He really liked the rhythm and beat to it, and enjoyed it a lot. He will listen to it any time he can.

    Andie was speaking to George about the idea of travelling, and his friend told him about a place called Dreamland, and how he wanted to go, but his mum said no. Andie took this suggestion and kept it in mind.

    For Andie’s 19th birthday, He celebrated it with his mom and best friend. They had the usual party for him, nothing special. But, for this birthday, his mom talked to him, and she would let him travel to Dreamland, instead of getting a job in England. She then gave him a special present she said she made for him just for this day. He opened it, and found a pair of hat and goggles sitting there. He jumped for joy, and was super happy, since he always wanted a pair like the ones his mother made for him. After spending a couple days to say goodbye to his mother and George, he set off to Dreamland, waiting for the adventure to start.


Likes and Dislikes:

( + ) Both day and night skies

( + ) Time to sleep

( + ) Learning

( + ) Friends

( + ) Watching Movies ( recently discovered, liking them so far )

( + ) Nature

( + ) Reading

( + ) Music ( All genres, but prefers Rock )

( + ) Winter ( prefers cold weather )

( + ) Exploring

( + ) Tea ( Earl Grey and Chai )

( + ) His hat and goggles

( + ) English Culture

( - ) Getting sick

( - ) Having to do things alone

( - ) being called “Sheep Pasture” ( “Why did someone name our species that…” )

( - ) Fancy / Uncomfortable clothes

( - ) Upper Highlands ( “ It’s hard to hike up with my little feet!” )

( - ) Know-it-alls

( - ) Lightning Storms

( - ) Being criticized cruelty

( - ) Arguing

( - ) Lying ( Even if it’s a white lie )

( - ) Being affected by the past

( - ) Losing his Hat and Goggles ( His worst nightmare really )

( - ) Pulling of ears ( Unless he allows you to, which is rare )

( - ) Being bored ( “I just CAN’T wait!” )

Roleplay Info:

Comment, Google+ ( ask me for the link, I’ll give it to you! :))

Anything but skype, kik, instagram, or snapchat.

Extra Info:

  • I made my drawing by hand, scanned it in, and photoshopped it. I tried my best, but it  isn’t perfect.

  • Likes reading romance and science books, but keeps his romance where no one would ever find it ( Under his bed ) “DON’T TELL THEM!!”

  • He likes saying “Learning is expanding!” To people for some reason

           ( Probably read it in a book somewhere )

  • Speaks in a British accent

  • Almost never takes off his hat, and the rare times he does, his hair is all fluffed up and messy

  • He’s always wanted to play electric guitar

  • His favourite movies consist of action, romance, and sci-fi

  • He likes sitting by water, It’s his favourite place to be

  • Even if he seems innocent, he’s a survivor. He’s survived many winters on only grass!



No journal entries yet.


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